How to Get Backlinks – A Beginners Guide to Backlink Building

Backlinks are links from your website to other websites and also links from other websites linking back to your website. What does it do? A backlink is actually a link in a website referring to your website. It is in effect a vote of confidence for your website. If that other website has a link to your site, they are now called backlinks. The main reason as to why backlinks are so important is because it affects your search engine rankings, which in turn leads to more traffic. The backlinks by themselves do not guarantee the traffic that you may want. It depends on your content and the search volume for it. 구글광고대행

Your content might not have a topic or theme as in demand as say, “quick money”. Let’s say you have that topic and have a link on another website of high page rank with a similar topic and that point back to your article or website. The main benefit for search engines is that the authority website will give you a lot of backlink juice, thus increasing your rankings. Another benefit is when a search is made for the topic; the high ranked website will show up, which then leads visitors to your site because of the backlink you have present. That is why links are used to ‘link’ your article or website to the search system.

Now that you know what a backlink is and how it works, you should now have an idea of how to get backlinks. It is important to obtain links from websites that are considered as authorities in the relevant industry and have high page ranking on major search engines. While any backlink will be only for link popularity, not all links are the same. A way of creating links is to choose the keyword and search the word on major search engines. Review each of the top pages that results from the search. Check on the page ranking of the backlink page. If that page has relevant content and a good ranking, try looking for ways to contact the site owner and offer something in exchange for a backlink. You can also try to look for places you can post content such as comments on blogs.

As a precaution, don’t just go and do backlinks for all those top pages you did a search on. There must be relevance on the content and acceptable page ranking for the backlink to be most effective. A single good link is better than a hundred bad ones. Still, the best way to get backlinks is to write high quality contents. In that way, satisfied and happy readers of the content will use your website or article as a link on their own posts, blogs or websites. It will provide for more traffic on searches made.


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