White Foods Can Be an Important Part of Your Effort to Get Rid of Belly Fat

There are a number of articles in magazines and on the internet that suggest you should avoid all white foods if you are trying to lose weight or develop a set of six pack abs. This advice, while well-intentioned, should not be followed because there are a number of white foods that can actually help you lose weight.

The important thing to consider is not just the color of foods, but the effect it has on your body and its value in helping you lose weight. There are some white foods that should be avoided, but there is a similar number that should be included in your menu planning.

White Foods to Avoid

The white foods that you should avoid are fairly common in most western menus and in our grocery stores. For many people, major adjustments in shopping and eating habits are required in order to avoid these undesirable and unhealthy foods. Fortunately, those adjustments are really pretty easy to make and after a short period of time most people don’t miss them anymore.

The white-foods-to-avoid list is short and easy to remember. There a numerous articles that outline the concerns with these foods, so a complete discussion of the concerns with them would be redundant. A quick recap provides the basic information of the issues of each of these foods. russian grocery store

– White bread – highly processed, many nutrients are destroyed in the processing

– Sugar – no nutritional value, consuming sugar leads to a desire for other sweet, high-calorie, low nutrition foods, snacks, and beverages, and sugar has been linked to a number of health issues such as obesity and diabetes

– Mayonnaise – most commercial mayonnaise recipes use undesirable “bad” fats that contribute to belly fat, high cholesterol, and heart disease

– Tofu – highly processed food in which many nutrients are damaged or destroyed in processing

– Salt – contains essential elements but most of your daily salt intake is already in the foods you eat; avoid adding too much by reducing the amount in most recipes and taking the salt shaker off your table

– Artificial Sweeteners – contain numerous chemicals which have been shown to be toxic in large quantities. Also contributes to the “sweet tooth” problem of creating a desire for more sweet foods, snacks, and beverages, most of which are low in nutritional value

Avoid those foods and you have already made significant steps toward creating a healthy eating plan that will help you lose weight, get in shape and stay in shape with a good exercise plan.

The Good White Foods

While the white-foods above are definitely worth avoiding, casting the avoidance idea over all white foods is a bad idea. There are white foods that provide substantial nutritional benefits and some can actually help you to lose weight by helping your body to burn excess body fat.

Among the white foods that can be highly beneficial are onions and garlic. Both of these white foods contain high levels of phytonutrients, vitamins, and trace minerals. Onions were found in one study to be one of the few foods that almost all people who had lived a long time consumed. The study showed that people who had lived for 100 years or longer ate a lot of onions during their lives.


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